Your project

eCRF « on-demand » & « made-to-measure »
Your project
Order an instance of Digitalis for your project and keep a monthly control of your budget, without obligation of time commitment, and without limit of users or functionalities. Access all eCRF modules, rapid study design tools, and advanced solutions to customize the look and functionalities of each form.
Option Standard
Hosting data in France, at a standard host.
Option Certified Hosting of Health Information
Hosting certified by the French Association for the Hosting of Health Information.
Customized services
  Develop new modules and features.
  Contribution to the design of the database in compliance with the CDISC standard.
  Suitable for the implementation of CUP and any atypical data collection format.
  Specific Workflows - Advanced Dashboards - Specific User Profiles - Interconnection of systems - IVRS / IWRS - Email and SMS notifications - etc.
Support and maintenance
  Benefit from all useful technical and functional support.
  We provide application maintenance for your projects.
  Your credit of hours is available and rechargeable online.
  All studies combined, by email, phone or through your online support interface.
  Discover all the features for all user profiles.
  Design the database in accordance with the CDISC standard.
  Adjust the layout and specific behaviors of each form.
Let's study together the realization of your project with Digitalis